Monday, 15 May 2017

lepa Immersion Assembly Template

The first day of school. We heard that your topic was “now that’s thinking”.
We had to think about great or smart ideas for this term. The teachers were thinking about your topic is.

As i said now that’s thinking is our topic for this term. It’s like we had to use your
brain very good and focus on your work. Team one and two are doing kite’s this term.
Team three are doing matariki and team five are fixing their stuff around their classes.

Our team (team four) topic is what kind of technology did Maori use before pakeha arrived in new Zealand.
We had a movie that the team four teacher’s made and thinking what our topic is.
Our teachers think we can time travel back in time.

I hope we learn about constructing small and cool things that team four can build with steel,
wood,metal and screws. Another thing that i want to learn about is how maori cook their food in the olden days
because microwaves and ovens.

I think the school topic is great and smart. Because in the holiday were wernt smart

task description:We had to write about our Immersion Assembly.

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