Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi


One day at antartica my mum and dad was asked me “have you been fishing before?.”I said “no I haven't”.”Then my dad said “pack a life jacket and a ruler and a wet towel with a so the fish can be cool”

Then we had to borrow my grandpa's boat.
My grandpa said “you have to put gas in the boat.” My dad said”do i have to.”you have to put it in or else your not going anywhere”said grandpa.

“Can I ask my friend Ben to come fishing with me please mum?”I said. “ok but ask dad to bring me the keys” said mum”. I went to dad I ask him”can I have the keys please because mum taking me to bens house so he can fish with me?” I said.”Ok”said dad.So dad gave the keys to and ask grandpa to bring a life jacket to you”

lepa Olympic Sport in Rio

You are going to describe an Olympic sport that you are animating or that interests you. You need to include as much detail about the sport as possible. Here are some useful links. You must brainstorm your sport first.

Introduction - tell your audience which Olympic sport you are writing about, briefly explain what happens (do not add too much detail)

P.2 How do you play the sport? Give as much detail as possible
Who can take part? What are the rules?

P.3 Any other details about the sport

Conclusion: Any other interesting details. Name an olympian taking part in this sport at the Rio Olympics

Start your writing here:

Did you know that Soccer is a Olympic Sport?How to play is there are 11 player on the field per team during a soccer game. Each team has 10 field players and a goalkeeper. Formations are identified with the number of defenders, midfielders and forwards. Goalkeepers can use their hands to throw the soccer ball back into the game. The game of soccer started at 1896 in England.

The rules are no hands are not allowed to touch the soccer ball or you get a red card or yellow card (only goalkeepers). And the goalkeeper is not allowed inside the goal.
And the most famous soccer players are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Portugal.  Lionel Messi was born in  Argentina.
Lionel Messi position is forward and Cristiano Ronaldo position is forward as well.

And who won the olympics game of soccer at Rio 2016 was Brazil,It was Brazil vs Germany and Brazil won.And the semifinals were Brasil vs Honduras and Germany vs Nigeria. And the bronze match was Honduras vs Nigeria and Nigeria won.