Wednesday, 17 May 2017

lepa Castaway Template

I woke up on a island. There's sand in my close and wet too. I was mad and scared then I cried and my legs was wobbling. I see trees on the island I had an idea and I see sticks and stones on the beach.

I went in the forest is see sticks and stones I gather as much as I could and build a campfire and shelter so i cold be warm inside. Then climb a tree and get giant leaves. I try make fire before sunset.   
I find sticks and a sharp stone and sharp the stick to make a spear to catch a fish. Then stab coconuts from a tree and drink the drink in the coconut I go into the trees and try find some kind of meat like rabbit,fox,pig,lamb and chicken. First I make a snare (a snare is some kind of lure I use)I put the snare where animals eat like a bush and I any bait inside the snare. Climb a tree and I waited then I saw a animal trigger my snare so I take that animal it was a rabbit and make a cooking spit.

I try to make a fire a big fire and it's very hard to make it and you sweat a lot. when it’s on fire I put big and small if i wanted too. Then i went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and saw a rescue helicopter. It must of seen my smoke that I made yesterday . it landed on the beach and I walked up to the driver of the helicopter.  I was pleased and felt good then he took me home.

Task description: we had to make a story of us stranded on a island

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