Friday, 17 November 2017

Lepa Thank you for Athletics Day

Walt: using descriptive language
Dear helpers,Thank you for everything you did at Athletics Day.It was exciting and fun,I loved it.

Athletics day was very fun and also very AWESOME! Also it was kinda funny as well. Is was a great day.

My favourite sport is dodgeball.I was cheering for my mate because he was the last one standing for his team.Also at high jump,Leite was the last one to jump over the pole and he did!Everyone was running to him and was yelling as well.

Next year I hope it will be more fun.Also more stuff to do.Next year i might be able to be more better.

I enjoyed doing Athletic day.Also i learnt to not jump over the pole with two legs together in high jump.

Task description:we had to write what we did at athletics day