Wednesday, 25 July 2018

T3 Move ya' body!

When we sat down in the hall and waited for sometime then a hairy girl-looking came on stage and started
to dance. Also he told us to stand up and dance. So we did.
Most of the year seven and eights wasn't very active. So I just raised my hand up and down.I liked all of the
other teams but I liked our team because they did a play and every move Ms Tapuke they did Mr wiseman
tried to nail it. But instead he was silly and rolled over the stage.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Motutapu island :)

On Sunday the tenth of June Me and Monika were going to Motutapu island. We drove to Auckland
city harbor.we waited for some time and brushed our shoes so that doesn't spread diseases to the trees
. Then finally, our ferry arrived! Then we board the ferry,It was shaky and we decided to climb to the top
of the ferry. It was boring at the top because there were only chairs but it was ok...Then a LOUD horn
beeped and I got scared then we set off to motutapu island. Then the boat went faster then we stood
up and it was very windy and it nearly blew us away and I wanted to think my scarf was a flag. We
thought we were going straight to Motutapu island but NOPE! We were going to get some people at
Devonport”It took ages to dock. I only saw FOUR PEOPLE ON THE DOCK!! And facepalm my
forehead then we set off AGAIN… Then suddenly it went FASTER! It was getting colder and colder,
My legs we're freezing of the wind under me. Also all my body parts we freezing dead motutapu island.

To be continued...