Friday, 27 September 2019

Refection of this term

The highlight for this term is the school production. it was really cool in my perspective, It was also entertaining and watched justice,maanas and king performing. It was funny how justice danced. Also they made puns that were kinda funny ^w^;. Anyways... it was cool!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

What’s inside a cell?

Cross country

Cross country is what we did yesterday, on Monday. It's when people run kilometers and run across the finish line. Here I will explain what a great experience I had.

Cross country was the best event this term. On Sunday, I was so hyped for cross country. Now today, The time was finally here. The year sevens and eights had to run three kilometers and the other people from the other school I forgot the name of.

We were the last ones up to run with the year eights from the other school. We walked onto the field and formed a line. Our acting principal, Mr. Sommerville was getting us ready to start. I had goosebumps from my shoulders to my legs.

As we were waiting, I heard a loud “SNAP!” And off we went, around a cone and onto the bike track. Then off the bike track and into a gate that led into muddy plains. I was so dirty, my legs were covered with mud. TBC (To Be Continued)

So this experience was great. I was fifth out of all other years eights and the first four people were my friends. The people from the other school were good because they had a good pace and momentum, They beat me. Yeah, good job. Anyone can give me your opinions about this writing.