Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Information about Europe

Did you know, In the Bc and Ad Europe had a mighty empire called the roman empire, they were really powerful and no one could stop them. They also hated Christians back then. Well here's some stuff about europe.

Europe in the 1914,1918 and 1939,1945 is where most of the ww1 and ww2 first broke out . A war between the allies and axis and where brave men who fight for their country.

Europe also has famous landmarks like the Eiffel tower (paris,france) and the big ben tower (London,Uk).Europe is the second smallest continents in the world and Russia is so big, in fact, that it takes up forty percent of Europe's land area.

So there you have it people, some interesting stuff about Europe. Maybe you guys can give me comments about how I can improve and all and yeah.

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  1. Kia Ora Lepa, My name is Julia and I am a year 8 student at Yaldhurst Model School.

    I liked the way you explained everything and the way you wrapped it up with a brief line on what your piece of writing was about.

    Although it isn't exactly the same, this reminded me of when my class was doing 'ANZAC' work. We learnt all about the wars, not just the soldiers but also what went on behind the scenes. It was very interesting.

    To improve on this you could put in the blog post: Why you were doing this activity, What you learnt & What you enjoyed. Also, a photo or some pictures would go great with your work.

    What was your favourite part about this work? What do you think was the most important thing that you learnt?

    Apart from that, your post was great. I think it is great you put effort into making a blog post.

    Kind Regards
    Yaldhurst Model School