Monday, 16 January 2017

my holiday pt 5

Wednesday:When i woke up i had breakfast then brushed my teeth.
Then i went back to the bedroom hat i was sleeping in.
i played on my Chromebook the game that i played was a game called it a game that you are a cannon and you have a boat.
Then i had enough then i watched YouTube and i watch DanTDM then it was evening then i had dinner then i went to sleep.

Monday, 2 January 2017

my holiday pt 4

Tuesday: in the morning my brother woke me up and i had breakfast at the table.
Then i brushed my teeth and my dad went to work and my step mum was still sleeping then she woke up.
So i played on my dads Xbox 1 with my brother.
the game that me and my brother played was titan fall.
and my siblings were playing on my Chromebook and we played on the Xbox for long.
Then it was night time and my step mum told us to go sleep then we turned off the Xbox then we went to sleep.