Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Lepa Poetry?!? - Thriller (D Stuhlmann)

 WALT: Poetry.  We are learning about the language features that are present in poetry.

Task description: I learn that language features were in poems. Similes,Metaphors,Alliteration, Onomatopoeia and Rhyming words! See in my slide for more information. 

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Color key Lepa 1st term 4 writing test Good Friends T4 2018

So today my friends don't like me how i talk to them. One of my best wasn't going to
be my friend anymore. So that is why the following paragraphs i will explain how to be
a good friend.

A good friend always helps each other out. Meaning helping them if something is wrong.
For example… if you see a person looking sad,staring at the ground on a bench.
You can go to
them and see if he or she is ok.

A good friend is actually caring about your friends. It means showing sympathy and
kindness to them. think about it… when your playing a game of soccer and the
opponent (your friend) gets a score. Don't get angry,show sportsmanship.

So there you have it. two ideas how to be a good friend. Use these two ideas to be a
good friend.

Fact or opinion

Monday, 19 November 2018

A normal tree??

Image result for tree
Right next to my haunted house I found a tree, just sitting there on it's lonesome. I wonder if it's the last tree standing around the house. Maybe it’s something special like the tree gives you fame and fortune, or maybe it gives you curses and bad luck. It could be just a normal tree but whatever happened to it. Perhaps There could be someone who knows about it.

As I was walking to it something caught my eye. It was a small shack just on the left of the tree. I was thinking if I went to the shack first or the tree. “I think that I should go to the tree first,” I said. I was walking to the tree then suddenly out of nowhere a lightning bolt hit the tree and made a force field around it. I was shocked! I slowly walked up to it. As I got there the force field pushed me backward. Then I suddenly ran to my car and quickly grabbed my camera to take a picture of the force field. I ran back to the tree and once I get there the tree was gone! There was no tree or force field. I was so confused.” what the heck!” I shouted “ I should check the shack, See if anything is in there. In my head thinking I wouldn't see the tree again. To be continued...

 WALT: Creative writing - how to include my personal voice and imagination in creative - expressive writing.

Task description: We had to write a story including a tree.

Teacher strike

WALT: I will read across texts and media to form my own opinion on the current teacher strikes                              
Task description: we were reporting about 2 facts and 2 opinion about the teacher strike 

Thursday, 15 November 2018

My new home

.Image result for haunted house]

A few months earlier I just moved into my new crepey house. It look abandoned but
I was ok with it. Before I moved here. I did some researched about spirits or ghosts.
Once I first step in the house. I felt a weird sense. Thinking that a ghost was right in
front of my face! Then a spider bit me, soon after that the spider ran away. At that
moment i saw something… it was a young girl with a teddy bear on her shoulder.
Her head was leaning sideways. My heart was starting to race so fast I couldn't move.
I was frightened, then i past out slowly.

A few minutes later… I woke up in an old bed. I sat up and my back hurts like it was
burning. It felt like someone scratch my back. Then i put my hand behind my back, at
that moment i felt a hairy leg on me. Suddenly i stood up and turned around slowly,
and there it was... the spider on the floor looking at me. All at once it ran away like it
was scared of something. My heart starting to race again, I turn my body around
gradually with my eyes closed, As I was turning I open my eye and there was nothing.
It was pitch black. Thinking in my head like the day went fast. I couldn’t even sleep
after what happened.

I quickly ran downstairs to grab my stuff. I rushed to the door as I got to the door it
was locked. I used my key but it wouldn’t budge. it felt like someone was holding the
door knob from the other side. I was so scared, I turned around there she was again,
upstairs looking at me I asked her “what do you want from me” She creeply looked at
HEHE” In my body it froze I asked it back  “W-w-who who are you” She still looked
at me like she knew me then her face went down to unhappy “IF YOU PLAY with me
I will tell you my story” I took a deep breath “I will play with you but I need to know
who you are, you look like my little sister?” “I will tell you on halloween” she replied

The next day on Halloween everyone at the neighbours dressed up as a monster. I went
to the shop and bought CANDY!!!! For the children, As I was getting home I parked
my car, got out of it an….. Everyone looked at me creepily I ask them “what are you
guys looking at?” I didn’t get a reply back until one of the teenagers shouted “LOOK
THIS TOWN” one little girl said “no I’m not leaving she is kind if you do that then
she will kill you all I’m not going anywhere I’m staying here with that man” My eyes
opened wised “I remember everything now you are my little sister and this is our old
house and that little girl is my little baby sister I REMEMBER EVERYTHING NOW
I know what happen”  

 Task description: This is a writing about a haunted house.I only had two days to write this writing.Maybe you guys can give me comments about how can i improve or think what i should write more of the story.

Ratio and proportion Lepa extension

WALT: Use because in our explanations