Tuesday, 14 February 2017

lepa's Newspaper Towers

Walt: write a recount about our experience.
Have you ever builded a tower made out of newspaper before?
Have you ever seen a newspaper tower before?
Have you ever had a newspaper tower before?

Once i was listening i thought Mr Goodwin said paper towels but he said paper towers then he said
to go  into groups of five.there name was,Awathan,Justice,Deavay,hopa, and me.we had materials
They were… seven newspaper,masking tape,and scissors then we the Mr Goodwin told us to start building.

We came up something,we were planning to roll to make thin long tubes up and tape tube to tube
and tape on to the ground so is firmly stands up and make two more tubes on the sides so it can
balance the tower then we thought there was no tube at the back of the tower so we draw another
tube at the back.

When we started we rolled up the newspaper.And we place the newspaper upsides and taped it on the floor and went up with other newspaper.We rolled more newspaper and it started to lean and fall.So we put more tape on the other side that was not leaning.We put three rolled newspaper and taped it to the long newspaper tubeon each side two on the side and one on the back and it stood up.

Our group won the challenge.The hard part was standing the tower up.the other group thought we copied they're one.And it not just the tallest tower, you have to balance the tower.
Task description: room seven did a experiment of how big can your newspaper tower can go and our one was very big.

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