Tuesday, 22 November 2016

lepa Narrative Practice: Lost in the forest

Walt: narrate a story about a character getting lost in the forest while camping
Narrative Writing Practice Test

You are going to write a narrative about a person going camping and getting lost in the forest
Introduction:*Introduce Characters  *Mood/feeling * Setting/Where?

Problem:*What was the problem?

Action:*What happens straight after the problem?

Solution:* How was the problem solved?

Start your writing here:
One day a man named Dantdm he was a professional gamer with slick hair and with his family.One day in the holidays an and his family was packing bags because he was going camping in a forest.five minutes later… “are you ready to go camping?” said Dan “yes,yup,sorta” “Ok let's go camping!”

“Let's go in my van into the woods!” Dan.5 hours later… “here we are The woods” it was afternoon.When they were making the tents and opening their bags while putting their stuff in the tents

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