Monday, 25 November 2019

Static image ... The Fly

This week we read The Fly by Katherine Mansfield. In the fly two men are meeting in an office. One of the men, Mr Woodifield has come to say that his daughters have gone to Belgium to visit the soldiers graves who died in world war one. Both men lost their sons in the war six years ago. After Mr Woodifield leaves, the other man who is called The Boss tries to cry. Instead he ends up seeing an ink drowning in an inkpot. He helps the fly out but then drops more ink on it to see what will happen. After a few times the fly dies.

Image selection
I have chosen to use the image of the fly in the ink. The fly represents the bosses son in the war and how close the son was about risking his life and almost dying in battles until eventually, he dies. I put the fly in the centre of the picture to show it is most important. I also included a pen, so the fly might survive and to show what happened between The Boss and the fly.

I chose to use sad colours like blue, black and grey to show the sadness of the text.

I only included the work ink in bold lettering. This was so it would look like the logo on an inkpot.

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