Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Michel Tuffery

From Corned Beef to Captain Cook 2.4.08
The Art of Michel Tuffery
by Iona Mc Naughton
WALT: Use prior knowledge to help our understanding
WALT: Find and use relevant parts of the text to accurately answer questions

  1. Explain how being an artist is like being a journalist:

  1. What kind of art does Michel create?

3. Write 3 - 5 open ended questions you could ask Michel Tuffery to find out more about him and his art work. Your questions and answers need to be influenced by the article and Michel and his type of art. Use these extended readings and google to help you.  

  1. Question: Where was Michel Tuffery was born?. Answer:he was born in Wellington.
  2. Question: When was Michel Tuffery was born?Answer:1966
  3. Question: Why couldn't Michel Tuffery read or write? Answer:because he had dyslexia.
  4. Question:how many corn beef tins did Michel Tuffery use to a bull? Answer:Three hundred tins.
  5. Question:Answer:

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