Tuesday, 5 September 2017

lepa Cross Country

Walt: structure a recount. 

Last friday we Had a school cross country run. When we we're waiting for the year sixes(Me and the year sixes.)we we're talking.Have you ever ran so long and fast,Well keep reading and find out?

It took long until our turn. While we we're waiting until year sixes we're called to run we played hand games. Also we we're Still talking and bored.Until the year sixed we're called. I knew it was our turn,Then we walked to the starting line and got ready for the race.

We we're waiting For the clappers to clap we waited and got ready.CLAP!And then we ran fast Past The goal post then running on the bike track,Then we ran through the gates and suddenly It was MUDDY AND WET!!I was stomping and tried to run fast. Then we ran around the Pt England reserve.I was almost at the finish line Before i made it my friend Jayden just past me then we shook hands at the end of the race

Task description:We had to write a recount of our cross country fun run.It was muddy and wet. have you had cross country before

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