Friday, 31 March 2017

lepa Writing - Insect vs Spider

One day an insect named Willy he lives in this tree called the black tree. Another spider named called Tama he lives in the light tree. The light tree and the dark tree are enemies because they had a war so they can get the light tree and the dark tree.

But Willy and Tama are different they don’t like fighting,Tama and Willy are secret friends.
Because when they were babies insects and spiders were friends. Until Tama and Willy were older the insect and spiders were enemies.

Tama and Willy were playing tag.Two hours later Tama was cheating and they were fighting.then the parents came and looked mad at Tama and Willy and took then to their home. One day they went outside and fight each other and two hours later and Tama got defeated and die.THE END

Task description: i had to make a narrative about spiders and insects.

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