Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi


One day at antartica my mum and dad was asked me “have you been fishing before?.”I said “no I haven't”.”Then my dad said “pack a life jacket and a ruler and a wet towel with a so the fish can be cool”

Then we had to borrow my grandpa's boat.
My grandpa said “you have to put gas in the boat.” My dad said”do i have to.”you have to put it in or else your not going anywhere”said grandpa.

“Can I ask my friend Ben to come fishing with me please mum?”I said. “ok but ask dad to bring me the keys” said mum”. I went to dad I ask him”can I have the keys please because mum taking me to bens house so he can fish with me?” I said.”Ok”said dad.So dad gave the keys to and ask grandpa to bring a life jacket to you”

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